HP 2, 3 series $150.00
HP 2p, 3p series $150.00
HP 5L, 6L series $150.00
HP 1000 series $75.00
HP 1012 series $75.00
Hp 1018 series $75.00
Hp 1022 series $75.00
HP 1100 series $150.00
HP 1150 series $75.00
HP 1160 series $75.00
HP 1200 series $150.00
HP 1300 series $150.00
HP 1320 series $150.00
HP 2015 series $150.00
HP 2100, 2200 series $200.00
HP 2300 series $200.00
HP 2400 series $200.00
HP p3005 series $200.00
HP 4L, 4p, 5p, 6p series $175.00
HP 4, 4+, 5 series $275.00
HP 4v, 4mv series $275.00
HP 4000 series $325.00
HP 4050 series $325.00
HP 4100 series $325.00
HP 4200 series $350.00
HP 4240 series $350.00
Hp 4250 series $350.00
HP 4300 series $350.00
Hp 4350 series $350.00
HP 3si, 4si  $375.00
HP 5000 series $400.00
HP 5100 series $450.00
Hp 5200 series $450.00
HP 5si series $450.00
HP 8000 series $450.00
HP 8100, 8150 series $450.00
HP 9000 series $650.00
HP 9040 series  $650.00
HP 9050 series $650.00
HP Color LaserJet series
HP 1500 Color series $225.00
HP 2500 Color series $275.00
HP 3500 Color series $250.00
HP 3700 Color series $300.00
HP 4500, 4550 color series $450.00
HP 4600 Color series $500.00
HP 4700 Color series $500.00
HP 5500 Color series $550.00
HP 8500 Color series $600.00
HP 9500 Color series $950.00
HP 1220mfp series $175.00
HP 3100, 3200 Fax series $150.00
HP 2800mfp Color series $325.00
HP 3300mfp series $200.00
HP m3027 series $450.00
HP m3035mfp series $500.00
HP 4100mfp series $400.00
Hp 4345 series $650.00
HP m4345 series $650.00
HP 4730mfp Color series $1100.00
HP m5025mfp series $750.00
HP m5035mfp series $750.00
HP 8550mfp series $1200.00
HP 9000mfp series $1500.00
HP 9040mfp series $1500.00
HP 9050mfp series $1500.00
HP 9200c Digital Sender series $750.00
HP 9100c Digital Sender series $750.00
  If you do not find your printer type in the list above, please contact our customer service staff for pricing. Discounts are given for contracts with multiple printers.
You can reach our sale department by phone at 770.923.8433 or email

Maintenance Agreement
We are authorized and trained by Hewlett Packard to repair HP Laser Printers and HP Design Jet Plotters, Our technicians are also experts on Lexmark laser printers. We provide fast on-site response to the Metro Atlanta area.

Our maintenance agreement customers receive priority response on all service needs. For a low annual rate your printers or plotters will be protected against hardware failure. The maintenance agreement includes labor, parts, and travel time for all repairs and/or service. The agreement also includes two 15- point inspections and cleanings per year. Other companies conduct cleanings quarterly, because they are using aftermarket/ third party parts for your printers. Advanced Laser prides itself in using only OEM parts, doing so reduces the frequency that routine maintenance is needed. As a result, we offer you the least amount of time spent in disrupting your day-to-day business. Additionally, OEM parts ensure that your printers have fewer problems and less repair needs. The majority of our clients see us only twice yearly. During inspection and cleaning. our technicians take time to change out all worn parts. We make certain that your printers are maintained correctly, we never cut corners or rush through service to save time. Your company will soon see the difference in our work and service. We guarantee it!

Don't be fooled by companies who bid a contract very low, and then, at the first annual renewal, increase the agreement price 10 - 15%. We lock in and guarantee your low rates for a minimum of 2 -3 years. Other companies exclude maintenance kits and some other parts from their agreements. Our maintenance agreements cover all parts and labor, only consumables are excluded.

  Key Features Include:
  • Quick and efficient on-site repair
  • Check up inspection and cleanings twice annually
  • HP trained and authorized tech's at you fingertips
  • All parts and maintenance kits included
  • Only OEM/New parts are used
  • No third party parts used. Third party parts only lower the value of your equipment,they also will cause you more down time.
  Key Benefits:
  • Extended life of your equipment
  • Experienced and knowledgeable technicians
  • Decreased downtime on your equipment
  • Priority response to all service needs.
  • Annual rates make your budgeting easy.
  • Our maintenance program is designed to reduce downtime and extend the life of your office equipment. Advanced Laser Service will provide the tools necessary to manage your equipment effectively.
  Maintenance Agreement Exclusions:
  • Consumables on Color Printers such as toners, drums, developers, transfer kits, fusers, paper, etc.
  • Consumables on Black and White Printers such as toner.
  • We will come out and replace your consumables at no labor charge only pay the cost of the consumables.
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